Who we are:
Martucci Enterprises is a privately held technology consulting firm serving Cleveland, Ohio since 1999. Mike Martucci is the owner and project lead. When the project requires, we can call on a wide variety of subject matter experts to lend their expertise and knowledge to get the job done.
What we do:
We offer a broad range of services with a focus on small to medium sized businesses who don't have or can't afford dedicated in-house IT staff. Our goal is to simplify the complex technological choices available in today's market and present the client with a concise and affordable solution to their technical needs.

Our services include:
  • Network installation and maintenance, including Wireless distribution
  • Design and Deliver curriculum and training materials for both commercial and custom software
  • PC/Server purchases, installations, and maintenance
  • Custom software development utilizing Microsoft technologies (Access, SQL Server, Outlook, Office, .NET)
  • Website development

Some of our satisfied clients include: Cuyahoga Community College, The Cleveland Clinic, the Ohio and Vicinity Regional Council of Carpenters, Malachi Daycare Centers, Fay Sharpe LLP, Greenovations, Cement Masons Local 404, and many others.

How we  do it:
First and foremost we accomplish the project on time and on-budget by listening. We listen to what the project entails and what the desired outcome is. From there we lay out the possible solutions, time-frames, and costs so the client can make an informed decision that fits their need and their budget. After the specifics have been decided, we build a team that includes key staff members from the client's organization, Mike, and if necessary, additional experts.

The technologies we utilize are always industry-standard and mature and include: VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL (Microsoft or MySQL), MS Access, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, YouTube, Picasa, Google Apps, and more.  Our goal is to leave the client totally self-sufficient and capable of managing whatever solution we provided. That doesn't mean you'll never see us again, as a matter of fact, most of our clients do call again. Our average client relationship is 5 years, and we still provide services to our original client.

Contact Us:
mike at mar2c .com  
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